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Approximately once a month, a new song will be featured in this section.  They will either be original recordings by myself - or rare demo recordings by the Beatles.  
Due to the limited space that is available on Tripod - I can only feature one recording at a time - at the most two.  I will list the songs that are presently available on my home page, so check there when you log on for any new songs. To listen to the recordings, you will need to download "Real Player".  If you haven't already done so, you will be given the option to download it once you click on the link below.  There is a free "Basic Real Player" that you can download - so you don't have to pay for it!

After clicking the link(s) below (and if you have already installed Real Player), just click on the title (highlighted in blue) to hear the recording.

Blackbird (Instrumental): Click the following link:

Performed by: Andy