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The Beatles: Current News

Wingspan Released

Paul McCartney's recent documentary on Wings (1970-1980) was a big success.  The made for TV film included home videos, interviews and music from his band Wings.  The success and hype from the TV special pushed the double CD "Wingspan" to the #5 spot on the U.K. charts and to #2 on the U.S. Charts.  To date, McCartney released three versions of the disc.  The standard CD sells for under $20 and includes 40 songs spanning his entire career with Wings.  The U.S. also released a limited edition (I believe only 500 copies) of Wingspan in a special cloth casing complete with a special "3-D" slipcase.  The U.K. version also has a "3-D" slipcase.  In addition to the different packaging, the limited edition U.S. version also has a different version of "Coming Up".  The U.S. version is live and the standard CD's version is the studio take.  

Concert Review: Ringo Starr

I went to see Ringo in Detroit (Pine Knob Music Theatre) last year (June 11, 2000) and the show was fantastic.  Ringo started off the concert (as usual) with his solo hit "It Don't Come Easy" from 1970.  He played alot of the old Beatle songs that he either wrote or sang including: "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Love Me Do", "Act Naturally", "Yellow Submarine", "Boys" and (of course) "A Little Help From My Friends".  He also sang alot of his early hits (from the seventies) including the Harrison composition "Photograph", "Back Off Boogaloo", "The No-No Song" and "I'm The Greatest".  The only thing that was disappointing was that he didn't sing "Octopus's Garden" and "Don't Pass Me By" or even "Goodnight".

Eric Carmen sang his one big hit "Hungry Eyes" and Jack Bruce was in top form with his bass playing.  Simon Kirke of Bad Company was very good as well singing "Shooting Star" and "All Right Now" - and Dave Edmond's did a neat acousitic guitar version of "Lady Madonna".

Ringo To Release Box Set
That long awaited All Starr Band box, "Anthology and 10 Year Anniversary", is due out in the U.S. Jan. 25 through Caroline Distribution. It's a 3-CD set with a $34.98 list price. The only major All Starr (not counting the sidemen) not included in the track listing provided by Caroline is Mark Farner.

Track Listing is below:
   1. It Don't Come Easy
   2. No No Song, The
   3. Iko Iko - (with Dr. John)
   4. Weight, The - (with Levon Helm)
   5. Shine Silently - (with Nils Lofgren)
   6. Honey Don't
   7. Quarter To Three - (with Clarence Clemons)
   8. Raining In My Heart - (with Rick Danko)
   9. Will It Go Round In Circles - (with Billy Preston)
   10. Life In The Fast Lane - (with Joe Walsh)
   11. Desperado - (with Joe Walsh)
   12. Norwegian Wood - (with Peter Frampton)
   13. Walkin' Nerve - (with Nils Lofgren)
   14. Boris The Spider - (with John Entwistle)
   15. Boys
   16. You're Sixteen
   17. Photograph
   1. The Really Serious Introduction (with Quincy Jones)
   2. I'm The Greatest
   3. Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go
   4. I Can't Tell You Why - (with Timothy B Schmidt)
   5. Girls Talk - (with Dave Edmunds)
   6. People Gotta Be Free - (with Felix Cavaliere)
   7. Groovin' - (with Felix Cavaliere)
   8. Act Naturally
   9. Takin' Care Of Business - (with Randy Bachman)
   10. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - (with Randy Bachman)
   11. In The City - (with Joe Walsh)
   12. Bang On The Drum All Day - (with Todd Rundgren)
   13. Black Maria - (with Todd Rundgren)
   14. American Woman - (with Burton Commings)
   15. Weight Of The World
   16. Back Off Boogaloo
   1. Yellow Submarine
   2. Devil Came From Kansas - (with Gary Brooker)
   3. Show Me The Way - (with Peter Frampton)
   4. Sunshine Of Your Love - (with Jack Bruce)
   5. Shooting Star - (with Simon Kirke)
   6. Boys
   7. Baby, I Love Your Way - (with Peter Frampton)
   8. Salty Dog - (with Gary Brooker)
   9. I Feel Free - (with Jack Bruce)
   10. Alright Now - (with Simon Kirke)
   11. I Wanna Be Your Man
   12. Whiter Shade Of Pale - (with Gary Brooker)
   13. Conquistador - (with Gary Brooker)
   14. With A Little Help From My Friends

Beatles' Book Comes Together
(MSN News)
April 3, 2000 — Dear Sir or Madam, will you read their book? It took them years to write, won't you take a look?
Yes, the three surviving Beatles have turned into Hardback Writers to set the record straight on the Fab Four's oft-analyzed history, releasing their first-ever "autobiography" this fall.  After watching self-professed Beatles experts spout off on the legendary quartet's true story, remaining mop-tops Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have collaborated on Beatles' Anthology.
Six years in the works, the 360-page tome will reportedly sell for about $80 and provide the most detailed (and firsthand) account of the band's roots--not to mention some 1,200 photographs--in a hardback edition that's described as "the size of an edition of Encyclopedia Britannica." Their story joins a glut of Beatles books already on the market, from stories by early John and Paul bandmates, to hardcore fans' personal memoirs and discographies.
"It will dispel some of the every Tom, Dick and uncle of a friend has been writing books on the Beatles since 1963," McCartney was quoted in London's Sunday Telegraph. For instance, the book reportedly counters the onetime belief that Paul wanted the band to split up, saying that the late fourth Beatle John Lennon actually was the first to jump ship (though Beatlemaniacs will tell you that's old news). And it provides a few other previously unknown tidbits--like a $175 million offer that the threesome rejected in 1996 to play 17 concerts in the U.S., Germany and Japan. "We're talking a huge volume of work, it's encyclopedic--it weighs something like two kilos [4.4 pounds]," says Geoff Baker, McCartney's spokesman. "It goes across the board, everything is in there. It is about the Beatles as a band, the music, but it deals with everything else--the tours, the drugs, the disputes," Baker adds. "The book answers all the questions."
The firsthand "Beatles bible" was originally announced in 1996 with a release date one year later. And although it was once reported that Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, collaborated on their ticket to write, the Sunday Telegraph reports that she was not directly involved with the book. She will, however, get a quarter share of the profits. Some of the initial wordsmith work also reportedly was done by the band's late press officer, Derek Taylor, who died in 1997. Fans have taken their excitement to the Beatles-devoted sites, but most wondered aloud what the new book would say that "true" fans don't already know. "It doesn't really sound as if anything revealed in this book will shock or surprise longtime fans," one speculates. "But it will still prove to be an interesting trip."

Paul McCartney Recording Again?

FEBRUARY 10 — After releasing two albums last fall -- one rock and one classical -- Paul McCartney apparently isn't taking any time to rest. The former Beatle is reportedly working in his home studio on an album of new songs that's slated for release this fall. Unlike his last rock album, Run Devil Run, which featured mostly covers, the new album is said to be all original songs. Run Devil Run** peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard 200.

McCartney has other projects planned too...
McCartney has other projects planned for this year, too, including a video documentary of his band Wings, patterned after the successful Beatles Anthology. There are also still rumors of some live dates in North America with the band that recorded Run Devil Run -- which featured Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice.In some news that's less pleasing for McCartney, the Liverpool Echo reports that a computer containing some of his financial records was inadvertently sold by a German investment agency before the hard drive was cleared of files. The Deutsche Asset Management company has issued a statement apologizing for the mistake. McCartney had no comment.
Gary Graff
(Source: MSN News)

Bizarre McCartney Plotter Jailed

A 48-year-old man who planned to shoot PAUL McCARTNEY to earn a million pounds has been jailed for 20 years. The plot emerged during proceedings in the trial for robbery of Jimmy 'The Ayatollah' Phillips. The Old Bailey in London heard yesterday how Phillips - described in press reports as "a mobster" - planned a scenario where an accomplice would shoot and wound McCartney whilst the star signed an autograph. Phillips would then leap forward and rescue the ex-Beatle, claiming a massive reward from the grateful McCartney. Phillips went inside on seven counts of robbery and three of his associates were also jailed.