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Beatle Collection

Paul McCartney's Cold Cuts
This was released by McCartney's fanclub "Clubsandwich" and included many unreleased songs.  Many of these songs have yet to be released commerically.

Figure of Eight: Single on Vinyl
The "Figure of Eight" single from Paul's "Flower's In The Dirt" album.  Also had a dance mix version of "This One".

Paul McCartney Ticket Stubs
From McCartney's tour in 1989 and his "New World Tour" in 1993.  The ticket on the bottom left hand corner is for the eighth row - centre stage.

Real Love Single on Vinyl
The Beatles released this as the "second single" from their Anthology series.  This is an import from the U.K. on Apple Records.

Free As A Bird on Vinyl
The very historic single "Free As A Bird" on vinyl.  The single was the first Beatle release since their break-up.  Was released to promote the Anthology Series.  Import from the U.K.

The Beatles: Rarities
This album was included with the Beatles box set from England.  It was a promotional copy only and was not available for sale.  The songs were later released on the Beatles' Past Master CDs.

Paul McCartney's Autograph
More to come shortly!